The Body Tithe Devotional

The Body Tithe Devotional

The Body Tithe Devotional

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You and God - together - can have victory in your struggle with exercise, nutrition, sleep and physical fitness ... spiritual fitness too.
Scripture primarily focuses on the soul, not the body.  god's wisdom, strength, and guidance, however, extend into every facet of our lives.  God cares about your fitness because your body is "the temple of the Holy Spirit."

In The Body Tithe Devotional, personal trainer and author Matthew Pryor directs you on a 90-day journey to build up your physical and spiritual strength.  You will learn new habits and master new weapons to protect yourself for the rest of your life.  

Matthew Prior applies Scripture about God's character, His provisions, and His promises to the most common troubles faced by those in the battle for fitness.  

The Body Tithe Devotional offers victory, regardless of your physical results.  Each week's unique topic leads you down new paths toward your goals.  New insights into God's Word will guide you toward fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and into a deeper, more safe relationship with your Heavenly Father. 

"Fitness is foremost a heart issue, and god care about all matters of the heart.  He cares so much, in fact, that He sent the Holy Spirit to help you live a life that brings Him glory in all things. 'All things' includes the fitness battle you are fighting."

Don't be discouraged by past defeats.  Use Matthew Pryor's The Body Tithe Devotional in your battle plan for victory over physical and spiritual fitness!  

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