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Now you can carry around and share the best ideas from "God Space", "the definitive book on outreach for this generation."  Great for small groups, bible studies, mission trips, and outreach training!  Download the training module that coincides with these God Space Pocket Cards at GodsGPS.com and start increasing the quality and the quantity of your spiritual conversations today.  

"God Space" is where:
  • God's invisible Kingdom can be seen and felt as we pray, notice, serve, listen, wonder, & share our God stories.
  • Safe space is created for cynics, skeptics, and spiritually curious people to raise their questions, share their reservations, and express their doubts.
  • God's love is demonstrated in practical, doable, and authentic ways.
  • Seeds of faith are cultivated, planted, watered, nurtured, and harvested.
  • God's Kingdom advances one heart at a time, one conversation at a time, one touch at a time, one "a-ha" at a time.
Creating "God Space"
Pray: Gently explore the possibility of interceding for the needs of others.
Notice: Ask God to increase your awareness for the people around you.
Serve: Look for ways to demonstrate God's love with "no strings attached.
Listen: Focus on others!  Ask to hear their story.  Seek to understand their world-view.  Reflect back what you're hearing.
Wonder: Ask questions to promote dialogue, probe belief systems, and reflect on life's journey together.
Share: Ask for permission before you share.  Keep it conversational!  Do not oversupply and kill the demand!

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